Tweed is the Best Material for Cycling

tweed clothing for cyclists

Oh What to wear?
Entire blogs are dedicated to what people are wearing on their bikes. The choices are infinite, ranging from translucent grape smugglers to whatever you have on now, but one thing is absolute in a changing world: FASHION!

Whoever is behind the movement, and it IS a movement, of getting more people to accept tweed as their choice of cycle sport clothing deserves some recognition.

Flickr User Dressed very sportingly on his way to work

Electra bicycles are most beautiful

electra amsterdam bicycle in green

Recently during my lunch hour, I was visiting A Bicycle Shop near where I work in midtown Manhattan. I was vaguely shopping for eccentric commuter accessories like fenders or dyno hub generator light systems (I am a real bike lover/nerd). The shop was well outfitted with an array of bikes for all kinds of riders. At the back of the store I noticed a beautiful bike which I assumed to be one of the employees, rare Dutch classic and not for sale. I almost left without noticing another, similar model from Electra Bicycles. I instantly fell in love. Electra makes masterpieces of cycling beauty. The completely enclosed chainguard, the riding position, many models even include dynamo-generator. lights!

When I returned to my desk, I immediately Googled Electra and have been drooling ever since.
The shop’s website seemed like it could use an update so I’ve been plotting a barter of website-for-bicycle ever since. Looks like they started to make improvements, but I’d still be into test driving one of the Electras.