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Biking to Work in the Hot Weather

Bike to work month is May. That is well before the dog days of Summer. I try to ride my bike to work all year round and the big question I get in the summertime is: “What about the sweat, dude?” Well… What about it? I don’t think I am a particularly sweaty or stinky person and I am very sensitive to smell. So I am using those, very unscientific data points to inform my decisions. I’ve used a few different strategies for trying to avoid showing up at the office soaked and stinky. Here are some ideas:

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Biking to Work in The Rain

Checking the weather has become a part of my morning routine. I don’t obsess about it and I certainly don’t like to talk about the weather, but sometimes it can be helpful in avoiding getting soaked. Some tips: • Check more than one source for the weather report • Go outside and look at the […]

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