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After work today I unlocked my bike, packed up my locks and prepared to get home when I noticed my brakes were not working very well at all. I thought, “someone has tripped a quick release” or something and rolled to a stop. It was only then that I noticed that some genius/friend had removed […]

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Biking to Work in The Rain

Checking the weather has become a part of my morning routine. I don’t obsess about it and I certainly don’t like to talk about the weather, but sometimes it can be helpful in avoiding getting soaked. Some tips: • Check more than one source for the weather report • Go outside and look at the […]

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How to lock up your bike

Here are some helpful tips on how not to get your bike ripped off. Or how to avoid the inconvenient truth, that if it’s there, someone will steal something off of it. It’s essential to lock your bike in the city. I’ve had a few bikes stolen, I’ve had parts stolen and I’ve learned some […]

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