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After work today I unlocked my bike, packed up my locks and prepared to get home when I noticed my brakes were not working very well at all. I thought, “someone has tripped a quick release” or something and rolled to a stop. It was only then that I noticed that some genius/friend had removed […]

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Bring the Kids along

If you have small children, it’s great to start biking with them. Even when they are babies, there are plenty of options that allow you to get your bike on. You definitely want to consider the extra weight and safety precautions, but the joy it can bring to you and your little one are priceless. […]

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Biking to Work in the Hot Weather

Bike to work month is May. That is well before the dog days of Summer. I try to ride my bike to work all year round and the big question I get in the summertime is: “What about the sweat, dude?” Well… What about it? I don’t think I am a particularly sweaty or stinky person and I am very sensitive to smell. So I am using those, very unscientific data points to inform my decisions. I’ve used a few different strategies for trying to avoid showing up at the office soaked and stinky. Here are some ideas:

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