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designer Paul Smith's Window on 5th Avnenue in New York City, Featuring Electra Bicycles

A beautiful new concept bike has been created by Cannondale from the design of Wytze van Mansum.

Many technical innovations going on. For example the rear fender is actually a structural element.
I love the way it looks, but this bike plays with the line that connects form to function. The drivetrain appears to be an internal rod driven mechanism. That’s certainly not a new technology, but I am sure greatly improved over historic applications. Since there are a few new drivetrain developments in the bike world right now, it’s as good a time as any to give this one a retry.

As beautiful as it is…
If I have a “fender bender” is the bike scrapped?
I live and ride in New York City so I can’t help looking at bikes and equipment through that lens.

More details from BicycleDesign

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