Bring the Kids along

Riding Bikes with children in a Chariot Trailer

If you have small children, it’s great to start biking with them. Even when they are babies, there are plenty of options that allow you to get your bike on.
You definitely want to consider the extra weight and safety precautions, but the joy it can bring to you and your little one are priceless.

Let’s start at the beginning
You might have just had a baby, you’re an avid biker or just a person who likes to get around by bike.

  • • Inspect your bike for wear, balance and overall condition. Do you need to replace your tires?
  • • Check your brakes, stopping power is crucial. Not having it can be deadly
  • • Check your bike for eyelets (those are little holes in your dropouts). These come in handy for mounting racks and child seats.

When your baby is old enough
Around six months old, or when they can sit up on their own.

Child in a Bike Seat
  • • Attach your baby seat setup. I used the Topeak Child Seat and Rack system
  • • Practice with the additional gear. You can if you are not experienced, put a sack of potatoes in the seat to simulate the added weight of the baby
  • • Helmet check. You AND the little one. “It’s dorky” yes, and so is parenting in general, suck it up.
  • • Test ride with the baby. Choose a route, keep it slow and safe. Avoid high traffic or hairy, pothole ridden places.
  • • Check in with the baby often. This is new for them, they probably can’t speak very well, so check for smiles, check the straps/seatbelts, check the overall seat/rack setup for wobbles, things coming loose, baby sliding out of the seat.

As the Children get older…
You will outgrow the child seat. Pay attention to the weight limit on your model. I htink most of them top out at around 40lbs.
Depending on how strong you are and how many hills you ride, you may opt out sooner. Once you do, you still have options.

I recommend:

a Trail a Bike

This is the exact model Trail a Bike that I have, It is made of aluminum. The weight difference between this one and the steel one is only a few pounds (2-3).
The steel one is listed as cheaper. And only the steel one has it’s weight limit listed on the site (85lbs). I assume the missing weight limit was an error of omission.

The shop I got it at is:

Spokesman Cycles

The Shops at Atlas Park
8000 Cooper Avenue
(718) 366-0450

I paid around $127 bucks for it. I have not seen a better price.

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