Biking to Work in The Rain

storm clouds

Checking the weather has become a part of my morning routine. I don’t obsess about it and I certainly don’t like to talk about the weather, but sometimes it can be helpful in avoiding getting soaked.

Some tips:

  • • Check more than one source for the weather report
  • • Go outside and look at the sky, smell the air
  • • Bring your raincoat
  • • Have some fenders on your bike
  • • Bring a plastic bag for your seat

Experience tells me the most accurate weather prediction is looking outside and “getting the feeling” which is a combination of:

  • • Smelling the air
  • • Looking at the sky (notice which way the cloads are moving and look what is heading in your direction
  • • 6th sense: which I would describe as tuning into the “barometer in your head”

Experience also tells me that if you think it might rain, often times it won’t. Don’t be afraid of a light rain unless you are an absolute beginner. If it does rain, remember these tips:

  • • Go Slower (allow more travel time and longer distances for braking)
  • • Watch out for sludge
  • • Bring a change of shirt
  • • Wool is the best material for this

Everyone should experience riding in a downpour. In NYC, this is definitely not for amateurs, but if you are on your way home, have clothes that can “weather the storm” you should do it for the sheer joy of not caring while everyone scurries round trying not to get wet. Remember, it’s just weather.

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