Electra bicycles are most beautiful

electra amsterdam bicycle in green

Recently during my lunch hour, I was visiting A Bicycle Shop near where I work in midtown Manhattan. I was vaguely shopping for eccentric commuter accessories like fenders or dyno hub generator light systems (I am a real bike lover/nerd). The shop was well outfitted with an array of bikes for all kinds of riders. At the back of the store I noticed a beautiful bike which I assumed to be one of the employees, rare Dutch classic and not for sale. I almost left without noticing another, similar model from Electra Bicycles. I instantly fell in love. Electra makes masterpieces of cycling beauty. The completely enclosed chainguard, the riding position, many models even include dynamo-generator. lights!

When I returned to my desk, I immediately Googled Electra and have been drooling ever since.
The shop’s website seemed like it could use an update so I’ve been plotting a barter of website-for-bicycle ever since. Looks like they started to make improvements, but I’d still be into test driving one of the Electras.

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