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tweed clothing for cyclists

Yesterday I was scouring the web for Cycling Clothing. Not lycra superhero clothes, but anything that can transition from the bike to the office and look sharp. I was prompted to search for new pants because I had specifically worn holes in strategic areas of my Levi’s that were making them borderline unacceptable for office attire.

After making my way through the more eccentric cycling fashions (capes, tweeds and knickers) I found Outlier Clothing, particularly, their Climbers Pants and thought they fit the bill perfectly.

I found from their stylish and helpful website, that one of their retail locations, Affinity Cycleswas right down the block from where I live.

On my way home, I rode to the shop, located on Grand Street in increasingly bike Friendly Williamsburg Brooklyn. The shop, which is kind of new I think, seemed to cover a broad range of cycling needs. I noticed some hot BMX bikes, classic road bikes, used (?) commuter bikes and a plethora of Surlys.

I quickly located a pair of Outlier 4 Season Pants, but there was only one pair left and it was too big for me.
I spoke with a dude who told me that Tyler, one of the guys from Outlier, was just in the shop the day before, that they would be getting more of the stuff in this weekend and would be sort of an ongoing, special supplier for the area.

I’m definitely going back, to try some on.

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  1. Hey, I’m a block from Affinity too, what up neighbor. We are restocking Affinity today so there should be a good amount of product in there, but feel free to email us if you want to see more. Thanks for the post, maybe we’ll bump into each other in Gimme…

  2. Awesome. You are one of the Partners in Outliers yes? Nice work on the clothes, I’m definitely going back to try some on (and review for this here, new blog). Keep me posted on any new clothing developments. Thanks!

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